Dental Prosthesis

Teeth can fall out or lose their natural shape due to various reasons such as decay and injury. As you may have seen in the picture of dental prosthesis, the work of dental prosthesis is “correcting the smile design”, replacing and repairing fallen or deformed teeth. There is a simpler answer for what is a dental prosthesis, dental prostheses are actually the artificial teeth or veneers that you have heard many times. Some of the important advantages of dental prosthesis are:

Rehabilitation and effective maintenance of the mouth and teeth
Protection of partial dentures
Reduction of jaw bone erosion
Increasing the quality of life of patients
Increase beauty

1. Fixed dental prosthesis :

Fixed dental prosthesis is commonly known as dental crown. After placing the fixed dental prosthesis in your mouth, you will not notice the difference with your natural teeth. As you can see in the denture photo, these dentures have a good appearance and are more popular than removable dentures. The most important types of fixed dental prosthesis are:

Single tooth crown :

Dental veneers are very suitable for damaged teeth. If there is a lot of tooth decay, if the tooth has been filled several times, or if it is dark due to denervation, using this fixed dental prosthesis is the best method. Dental veneers help strengthen teeth and improve their appearance. The dental cover is installed on a small base that is inside it. When checking the dental prosthesis tariff, note that the price of a single dental prosthesis or the price of a dental prosthesis can be related to this model.

dental bridge :

Dental bridge is more commonly known as fixed dental prosthesis. People who have lost one or more teeth and have one front tooth and one back tooth use this fixed denture. By grinding two teeth adjacent to the empty area, a bridge is made between the base teeth to fill the empty area and the person can chew again. This fixed dental prosthesis covers the place of fallen teeth and improves the function and beauty of the teeth.

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2. Removable dental prosthesis

Sometimes, fixed dentures cannot be used to replace missing teeth. In such situations, dentists prescribe the use of removable dentures. As it is clear from the name of the removable dental prosthesis and the photo of the dental prosthesis, these dental prostheses can be easily placed in the mouth or removed. Removable dentures are very popular among the elderly; But this does not mean that young people do not use it. Removable dentures are divided into 3 categories:

Parsil dental prosthesis :

Partial or fragmentary dentures are more commonly known as partial dentures. These cobalt cream roots have different types, which we have introduced below:

All-acryl partial dentures, which are used as a temporary treatment in most cases.
Cobalt cream dentures are used to treat edentulous people with free ends (people who do not have teeth in the back of their mouths to support fixed dentures) or people who do not wish to use fixed dentures.
Movable dentures with a combination of acrylic (prosthetic gum) and metal alloy are also among the movable models. These removable dental prostheses have an unpleasant appearance due to the metal clips. For this reason, another type of partial dental prosthesis is used, the metal part of which is tooth-colored.

Full dentures or dentures :

Surely you have seen teeth like the teeth of grandfathers and grandmothers among the types of dental prosthesis photos. This removable dental prosthesis is suitable for people who have lost all their teeth. Of course, today, with the presence of dental implants, the use of this removable dental prosthesis has decreased, but it is still used as a cheap dental prosthesis. There are 2 types of complete dentures (normal and soft gums) and have 2 parts: the teeth part and the pink part of the prosthesis, which is known among people as prosthetic gums.

Ordenture dental prosthesis :

Overdenture mobile dental prosthesis is actually a complete tooth that sits on two dental bases or several implant bases. Overdenture dentures are more comfortable compared to complete dentures, but they are mobile and less comfortable than fixed dentures.

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