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Orthodontics is a dental specialty that diagnoses, prevents, and corrects irregular teeth, jaw abnormalities, and improper bite patterns. It may also address facial growth correction, known as dental and facial orthopedics’. Abnormal alignment of teeth and jaws is very common.

You may have noticed that despite the density and falling of the teeth, it is not possible to take care of the health and brush the teeth properly. In cases where some teeth are forward and some are backward, the pressure from chewing food is more on one side of the tooth and over time, it aggravates its crookedness. You should never pay attention to these problems.

Orthodontics is not only used to beautify the appearance of teeth and fix their deformity, but there is something that, knowing them, will increase your motivation to correct crooked teeth. Every moment that crooked and abnormal teeth improve, problems and diseases such as tooth decay, gum problems, not chewing food well, treatment problems, pain in the neck, shoulder, back, and cold may increase to be

In orthodontics, using dental braces and other orthodontic tools, abnormalities are treated by slowly moving the teeth and jaws around. Dental orthodontics improves the smile and general health of dental and jaw abnormalities.

Abnormal tooth and jaw alignment is common, and many people need orthodontics and benefit from orthodontic treatment. The period of dental orthodontics may last several months to several years. In the following, we will explain the types of orthodontics and also to the basic question of what is orthodontics?

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The beauty of mouth and teeth has a significant effect on people’s faces. But with orthodontic treatment, in addition to improving the beauty of the smile, other problems are also solved. Below, we examine the problems that people face before orthodontics.
In addition to looking bad, misaligned teeth put a lot of pressure on other teeth, gums, and jaw joints, which can lead to the following problems:

• Difficulty chewing with pain
• causing problems in the gums
• Tooth decay
• Severe headache and migraine
• Shoulder and neck pain
• Digestive problems caused by bad chewing of food
• Problems with brushing and maintaining oral hygiene
• Appearance problems and low self-confidence
• TMJ problems

What are the types of orthodontics?

While millions of children and adults begin orthodontic treatment each year, there are many different types of orthodontic treatment to choose from. The choice is yours as to which treatment method is right for your needs and each method that helps you is unique.
• Invisible orthodontics
• Movable orthodontics
• Fixed orthodontics
• Colored orthodontics
• Damon Orthodontics
• Lingual orthodontics

Invisible orthodontics
Invisible orthodontics is more popular among adults. One of the advantages of this type of orthodontics is that it is not visible on the teeth. But it is not applicable for everyone. If you wish to be treated with invisible orthodontics, the orthodontist must first check the condition of your teeth and jaw.

Removable orthodontics
Treatment by removable orthodontics is usually recommended for mild problems. This treatment is applicable for both upper and lower jaw. But for lower teeth, this orthodontic method is hard and difficult to bear.
Removable orthodontic appliances are made of clear plastic and custom-made for the patient’s mouth. This is a firm tension and holds all the teeth in position.
It is also a mobile orthodontic device that is made of a combination of plastic and metal and is custom made to fit the patient’s mouth. Depending on the patient’s need to stabilize the tooth, removable retainers are used for different periods.

Fixed orthodontics
In fixed orthodontics, brackets are glued and fixed on the teeth. Most problems and anomalies can be treated with the help of fixed orthodontics and do not depend on the cooperation of the patient

Colored orthodontics
Colored orthodontics is very popular among teenagers. The use of colored braces with a wide variety of colors has caused this type of orthodontics to attract the attention of this age group.

Damon Orthodontics
Damon orthodontics is one of the new methods of orthodontics. Unlike traditional orthodontics, where the connection of wires to orthodontic brackets is done using very small elastics, in Damon orthodontics, brackets with the ability to open and close sliding are used.
Because in this type of orthodontics, small rubber bands are not used around each bracket, so the patient can easily clean around the wires and brackets during the orthodontic period.

Lingual orthodontics
Lingual orthodontics is another orthodontic method. This type of dental orthodontics is classified as hidden orthodontics because it is performed behind the teeth. That is why it is popular with adults.


To choose an orthodontic method, it is necessary to first diagnose jaw and teeth problems. Therefore, as you can see below, the orthodontic procedure begins with imaging and examination.

Molding of the jaw and teeth
Radiology imaging for orthodontics
Color imaging for dental orthodontic procedures
Patient examination and oral examination
Examining different orthodontic methods
Starting orthodontic treatment with bracketing
Continue orthodontic treatment at specified intervals
Using the retainer and removing the brackets

Right age for orthodontic?
Dental orthodontic treatment has no age limit, but the younger the age, the more options there are to treat skeletal inconsistencies.
Orthodontics can be done in old age, but compared to children’s orthodontics, it will be longer and may be compensated by jaw surgery.

Most of the orthodontic work begins before the skeletal growth is complete. If skeletal growth has stopped, jaw surgery can be an option

Principles of oral hygiene in orthodontics
If we do not take good care of the teeth and the oral environment during orthodontic treatment, it may cause tooth decay during orthodontics or yellowing of the teeth, and we may damage the orthodontic wires or orthodontic brackets, below are some important points. What you should observe during the treatment is mentioned:

Compliance with the diet
Correct brushing is important in orthodontics
Orthodontic floss is more important than brushing
Take mouthwash containing fluoride seriously.
You may need orthodontic wax
Take regular and timely visits to the orthodontist seriously

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