Dental Surgery

Dental surgery is one of the common dental procedures that many people need. This operation will usually be done to extract the hidden wisdom teeth, because the wisdom teeth are the last teeth that appear in the jaw and for various reasons, they may not be able to take out the head from the gums and will remain hidden. The caries that occurs in the normal teeth of people are among the other reasons that will cause teeth to be pulled, and the decision to pull or not to pull teeth will depend on the opinion of the dentist. But how is dental surgery performed and what points should we pay attention to during this procedure? Dental surgery is a simple procedure and there is no need to worry about it. All people can use this operation to solve their dental problems, but not having local infection in different parts of the tooth is one of the necessities before the operation. In the following, we have provided more complete explanations such as:

What is dental surgery?

Dental surgery is an operation in which the chosen tooth of a person will be completely removed from his jaw. Note that after the surgery, there will be no traces of the teeth and only the gums will be visible. Dental surgery should be performed by a professional doctor so that you do not see any complications. If you entrust the treatment of your teeth to a non-professional dentist, you will experience a longer treatment period and suffer more pain. Correct diagnosis is particularly important because sometimes it is possible to restore the tooth, but the dentist pulls it out due to not having enough information. Dental surgery is usually performed in all dental offices and you will only be allowed to extract one tooth during the day. If a person wants to pull all the teeth in order to use artificial teeth, the dentist will schedule several appointments with time intervals.

How to perform dental surgery ?

How do you think dental surgery is done? When the name of dental surgery is heard, many imagine a difficult and difficult operation, but you should know that dental surgery refers to the extraction of one of the teeth, which is not a difficult task. To extract a tooth, the dentist must perform all the steps accurately. The way dental surgery is performed and the measures taken during the operation are of particular importance, and if all its points are not taken into consideration, there is a possibility of damage to the gum tissue and even other teeth. Dental surgery is known as an outpatient procedure, which means that the tooth extraction is done in one session and then you can relax at home. Dental surgery does not require advanced and special devices, and this work can be done in the best possible way using ordinary dental tools

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Procedures during dental surgery

What steps do you think the dentist goes through to extract your tooth? In the following, we have examined this case:

Dental examination:
The first step for dental surgery is an examination of the individual’s teeth. For this purpose, the patient must go to the dentist’s office and the dentist will carefully check the condition of his teeth. At this stage, the type of treatment method will be determined for each tooth.

– Local anesthesia:
After the dentist has decided to extract the tooth, he will set an appointment for you that you must attend the office at the specified time. Anesthesia is done before doing anything so that several injections will be done in different parts of the tooth extraction site. This anesthetic will make you feel no pain from tooth extraction.

– Relaxation anesthesia:
Sometimes the dentist uses sedation, in which an intravenous line is used to induce sedation. In this method, you will have a limited memory and you will be relatively conscious during the surgery. Local anesthesia is also used to numb the gums.

– General anesthesia: sometimes the patient will need general anesthesia as determined by the dentist. In this procedure, you will not have any awareness and the surgical team will control your medication, breathing, fluids, blood pressure and body temperature. In this method, you will not feel any pain and you will not have any memory of the surgery due to the anesthesia during the surgery.

– Creating a cut:
After anesthesia, it is time to make an incision in the surgical department. This incision will be made in order to provide a viewing space for the tooth.
– Then, using special devices, the bone that blocked access to the tooth root will be destroyed.
– If you do not have much pain, the tooth is usually divided into smaller pieces so that all its parts are removed from the jaw.
– Then it’s time to pull teeth. If the tooth is broken, the tooth extraction is done step by step, but if it is one piece, the tooth extraction will continue.
– After the root and tooth come out, it is time to clean the area around the wound, and there should be no trace of the tooth left in the wound.
– Some dentists strengthen the closed wound in order to accelerate healing.
– To prevent bleeding in the tooth, the surgical part is bandaged.


What to do after surgery? If you have received local anesthesia, you can leave the office, but if sedation and anesthesia are used, you must be transferred to the recovery room. After the surgery, you must follow all the points mentioned by the dentist. Among the most important of these points are the following:

Bleeding: On the first day after surgery, you may see bleeding at the wound site, and we recommend that you refrain from spitting out the liquid in your mouth and swallow it as much as possible. Do not remove the blood clot formed in the injured area.
– Use of medicine: the dentist will prescribe some medicine for you to control the pain caused by the surgery, and you can also use general painkillers. Ice compresses can also reduce pain and swelling.

Swelling and bruising: Swelling and bruising are normal and may last for several days, but usually after 3 days of surgery, we will see a decrease in swelling. Bruising may last for several weeks. 

– Diet: drinking liquids is highly recommended, but you should note that drinking carbonated liquids and hot drinks will delay your recovery. Do not use a straw to drink liquids because the act of sucking causes the blood clot to separate from the surgical site. During the first 24 hours of surgery, avoid eating hard foods and use soft and watery foods.

– Mouth cleaning: in the first 24 hours after surgery, rinse your mouth with plain water and avoid spitting. After 24 hours, you can use mouthwash and toothbrush. If you use a toothbrush, avoid rubbing it on the surgical area. After the first day, rinse your mouth with salt water regularly and at least 6 times a day.

– Smoking: Smoking is one of the main factors that will delay the treatment period. If you are a smoker, stop smoking for at least 3 days.
– Physical activities: avoid any hard physical activities on the day of surgery and start your normal sports routine from the day after surgery.
– If you notice that the healing process is delayed, you can go to the dentist’s office or communicate your problem with him by phone.

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