An implant is a titanium screw implanted in the jaw bone, which is a replacement for lost teeth. Some implants are in one piece, and in others, the crown and root are connected by screws. At first, the implant fixture is placed, then the dental prosthesis is added. Before the dental prosthesis (tooth, bridge or denture) is attached to the implant that holds the dental prosthesis or crown. Recovery time for ossification varies from person to person.

Suitable age for implants:

Implants can be implanted at ages younger than 18 years, but the implant prosthesis must be changed after 18 years to match it with the adjacent teeth. It is also possible to disrupt the growth of the jaw bone in the implant area. It is recommended to be implanted after the age of 18 and the facial skeleton grows.

Dental implant steps : 

Dental implant surgery is usually an outpatient surgery that is performed in stages with recovery time between stages. The process of placing a dental implant includes the following steps:

• Examining the person and determining the type and number of implants
• Removing the damaged tooth (tooth extraction) if needed
• Jaw bone preparation (bone graft) if needed
• Implant base planting
• Bone growth and repair
• Color selection and molding and sending to the laboratory
• Final implant placemen

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Advantages of
implant implantation:


  • Improving the appearance of the teeth: these implants look like your own teeth and because they replace the roots of the teeth, they are permanent.


  • Improvement in speaking: Even with weak dentures, the teeth can move inside the mouth and make it difficult to speak. Dental implants allow you to speak without worrying about teeth slipping.


  • Peace of mind: Since the implant becomes a part of your body, it eliminates dental problems.


  • Ease of eating and drinking: Tooth extraction can be difficult. The implant works like your teeth and allows you to eat any food without any pain and confidence.


  • Improved confidence: Dental implants can restore you and make you feel better about yourself.


  • Improving oral and dental health: implant placement does not require the reduction of other teeth. Because the adjacent teeth are not changed to support the implant, most of the teeth themselves remain intact, improving long-term oral health. Separate implants also improve interdental access and improve oral hygiene.


  • Long-term durability: Implants are very durable and with good care, they last a long time.

Care after
dental implant

• Avoid brushing your teeth for 1 day after the implant.
• Do not wash your mouth for 8 hours after the implant.
• Avoid smoking, drinking tea and coffee for 3 days after the implant.
• The use of drugs and alcohol makes the implant not completely successful.
• After the implant, use dental floss and toothpaste for implants.
• It is possible to drink water after the implantation, but in the case of eating, it should be done after the anesthesia is over.
• Avoid drinking liquids with a straw (at least two weeks).
• Avoid drinking liquids and hot foods

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